Why LDS Mission Tips?

This site came about as we were preparing to send our daughter out on her mission, far from home.  Through some networking, inspiration, and luck, we were able to find some people who had served in the same mission as our daughter, and they gave us some great pointers that we had not thought about before sending our daughter half way around the world. In order to help future missionaries become comfortable in their new areas as soon as possible, thus being able to focus on teaching and less on "settling in," this site came about.

If you are new to the site, have a look around.  If you have served in an area and have some tips you think would help missionaries in that area, feel free to log on and leave your tips!  If you have a missionary currently serving or heading out soon, check out his or her mission and see if there are some tips that you may find helpful.  Above all, have fun with this site.

If you find this site helpful, please share it with your family members and friends who may also be able to help out or benefit from the information found on this site.

Even though this site is called "LDS Mission Tips" and is geared toward LDS missions, if you have or need pointers, please feel free to use the site, whether for missions of any denomination, business trips, vacations, or any other purpose that you may find helpful.